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WHY Are You The Most Important Person in the World?

You Are The MOST Important Person in the World. Words you may never hear anywhere else. But you are. Why? Because TO YOU, you should matter most. Not in an egotistical way, as if everyone else doesn’t matter and not like a Kanye way – to brag about how great you are, but in a […]

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Better Sleep = Better Life (SaSu Sleep Routine Included!)

I started having a hard time sleeping in the past few months. Not sure why, but my body wouldn’t relax and mind wouldn’t stop racing. At first, I thought it was stress, so I was sure to meditate a few hours before bed. Still no sleep. Then I thought it was my pillow. Got a […]

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Meditation ain’t for Suckas + Why

Meditation:  It’s for everyone, but everyone aint for it! To meditate is to be with self, listen, breathe + BE. That’s it! Really. You don’t have to try to let go of your thoughts or think only positive thoughts or ANYTHING. You just carve out some time to be still. Breathe deeply and let everything […]

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