Become a Self-Lovie!

And join more women like you in a continuous transformation journey that will change your life! Each month you will be given a new mini-course that challenges you to focus on an area of your life that needs more love and attention. With the support of other self-lovies, you will be able to work through your fears and become more confident in your life’s purpose.

Self-Lovies Membership program $19/month

In addition to having first dibs on EVERYTHING SamoraLife has for you, you will also gain:

  • A private community with other Self-Lovies who share your same passions
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Being a self-lovie changed the way I think about myself and the world around me. I now have this group of sisters that want the best for me and challenge me to want the best for myself. It feels good to invest in myself in this special way. Every girl should feel this good. – Madison E, NYC