Doubt is the thief of dreams, the cousin of fear and the killer of self-worth. It always seems to come out when you’re embarking  new journey, a new destiny or have a purpose to pursue. It keeps you immobile when you need to make a move and it keeps you distracted when its time to change courses. Doubt will leave you neither here nor there.

To battle doubt is very tricky. Your mind will give you reasons why you can’t, won’t and never will. Meanwhile your heart + soul is pulling you and urging you to make a move. THE ONLY WAY TO OVERCOME DOUBT IS TO DO THE VERY THING YOUR MIND IS TELLING YOU NOT TO.

It’s not easy, not fun…but as I’m typing these words, I am overcoming my doubt of being able to blog, produce content, connect to an audience…and the more I move forward the less I doubt.

It’s almost like the expression I love “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”. I got one for you “Do What You Doubt You Can Do”…and do it over and over and over again. One day you’ll realize that the doubt disappeared.