I talk to myself.
And lately, it’s been out loud.
Feeling kinda crazy, I started to research what it means to talk to yourself (yes, I fell into a black hole), but the more research I did, the more I discovered that self-talk is actually really healthy IF you’re what you’re telling yourself is healthy and positive.
Talking to yourself out loud or in thought can alter your perspective on life. You can start to have a happier, more gracious outlook on your circumstance or a tainted view of why you are always the victim. The intent of your self-talk determines the experience you have with yourself and the world around you.
It’s interesting because your thoughts become words that turn into feelings that create actions.
So if I’m running late to an important meeting and I’m saying to myself “you’re always late and it makes you look bad”, then I will start feeling bad and bring that negative energy to the meeting which can lead to me making poor choices or saying the wrong things.
But if I’m late but I say “no matter what, you’ll be great. Your timing is divine”, then I will feel empowered throughout my meeting, making the best use of the time I have and the lateness is less of an issue.
You can change the course of your day just by thinking or talking with uplifting words- like how you would talk to your best friend or a loved one- make yourself feel special and loved.
Sometimes when you’re having bad thoughts- it’s hard to combat those thoughts with new thoughts. You can only battle those thoughts with WORDS.
Talking out loud helps your brain process and understand better and it also serves as a great way to distract you from negative thoughts. So if you’re trapped in your mind thinking about something hurtful or unproductive, say an affirmation or something positive that will help your thoughts get back on track.
The quickest way to shut down negative thoughts is to speak beautiful words.
The other bonus to speaking to yourself out loud is that its proven to make you SMARTER!
Yes, according to psychologist Linda Sapadin, talking out loud to yourself helps you validate important and difficult decisions. “It helps you clarify your thoughts, tend to what’s important and firm up any decisions you’re contemplating…making you smarter, but only if you speak respectively to yourself. ”
Linda also adds that self-talk helps you to love yourself more, “When you’re feeling lonely, chances are you’re neglecting to give enough attention to yourself. Talk and give yourself the attention you deserve”.
Positive self-talk is an important habit to start or continue. What have you been telling yourself? Please share!