The best part of life is the giving part.

I travel all over the world a couple of times a year and I’ve been doing this my whole life. I call these trips “adventures” because I always end up learning new things, seeing new places, and meeting new people.

Of all the adventures I’ve been on, the best ones are the ones that incorporate some element service- my Service Trips.

Service or “Seva” (meaning selfless work in Punjabi) is an act of helpful activity usually for people who are less fortunate than you. Service is the work that many religions are built around as the example of how we spend our time with one another.

We are created with a desire to serve. When you help those in need, you are creating more space in your life for responsibility and growth. You are opening your heart to empathy and a genuine connection to the human race, understanding that we all share the same heart and want to be loved.

It’s a beautiful experience to serve. I challenge you to find a local organization you can volunteer with and dedicate some time to volunteer. This small act can change your life. Or if you want to join me on a service trip to help those in third world countries, please stay in touch and come!

How does service play a role in your life?