The Self-Lover is someone who spends time, energy, intention and effort connecting with themselves in a loving, genuine and careful way. The level of love for self shows in their thoughts, words, actions, choices and how they use their time.

A Self-Lover respects oneself by honoring their desires, dreams, goals and curiosities as valid, purposeful and sacred gifts from God.

The Self-Lover respects others as equal to self and honors the inner wisdom of each being as a mirror – mindful of the power that each person holds, understanding that everyone is going through their own journey, path and growth just like him or herself.

A Self-Lover is a giver, but also gives back to self with the knowledge that you can only give from your overflow, anything less is self-depleting.

The Self-Lover is a receiver allowing love, prosperity, and opportunities to flow in as blessings in their life, using those blessings to continue to evolve into a higher version of themselves so they can further elevate others.

A Self-Lover is honest with themselves and others, establishing clear boundaries and being unafraid to make those boundaries known. Understanding their inner truth and only participating in activities or connecting with people that reflect that truth.

The Self-Lover, above all, knows how to love – knows that the level of love for self is the level of love for others so the Self-Lover practices forgiveness, patience, empathy, kind words, good intentions, peace of mind, wisdom and sensitivity knowing that as they practice these qualities with themselves, they can practice this with anyone else.

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