Samora designed a yoga practice that combines elements of yoga therapy and tantra yoga to create Motivational Yoga = Moga!

Moga allows practitioners to explore how a combination of sequences and poses can intentionally alter one’s mood, physicality, energy and outlook. With specific techniques that inspires change for a specific area of your life, Moga has the capability to heal and support people at every level of their practice.

Motivational Yoga is best used for everyday use – from relieving headaches to feeling confident and everything in between! The intention of Moga is to help you feel lighter, clearer, happier, and healthier in every area of your life.

Moga was inspired by Samora’s quest to find distinct ways to relieve her mental and emotional stress after a traumatic event left her feeling hopeless, alone,  and crippled with anxiety. She turned to her yoga practice for support and discovered simple breathing and therapeutic techniques that allowed her to free herself from her agony.

She began using these techniques in a variety of ways to assist her yoga students in overcoming their mental, physical and emotional hurdles.

Samora is a personable and vibrant 200 RYT, dedicated to sharing the yoga tradition with eager students. Along with her Motivational Yoga practice; she has technical knowledge in  Ashtanga Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa, Meditation, and she specializes in teaching yoga to beginners. She has taught at Agni Yoga, LA Fitness and with the Oprah Winfrey Network.